I maintain and customize my GTS by myself.Save money and Be safety.That's my VESPA LIFE.


Compare 0-100km acceleration with GTS250 and GTS300.

0-100km I want know about quickness of GTS300.
I’ve seen many videos of 0-100km on Youtube.
They records with smartphone in thier hands.Very challenging…

So,I recorded time too with my GTS250.
How difference about GTS250 and 300??

In bellow videos, there are various machines.From stock to tuned.
…But I think the difference is very small..Except very tuned machine.This is very fast!
Some machine has Polini variator inside but not so fast.I feel setting is important.



Review of Marosshi variator & delta clutch

Marosshi variator delta clutch Abnormal noise is at the time of starting. . .
Metal say ‘Gagagaaa’ is a rubbing sound. Because only it is not out at the start, this would be clearly clutch. . .
Bad is much tone immediately after the purchase, he once the clutch bell was changed but had been or recurrence despite getting better a little tune.
And, recently the Topspeed is also bad. . .
Low-medium speed from the tappet adjustment it is good condition, but the top speed had become worse than before.
This may be pulley deterioration.

It decided to renew the drive system in the fact that.
I thought it is boring that put the genuine parts, so I decide to replace to Marosshi kit!



Review of VESPA-GTS-250ie .Difference between Japanese Scooter.

GTS250ie 「I wanna get scooter!」
I looked for scooter of 250cc.Then I happen to find VESPA GTS250ie and I love it immediately!

Smallbody,one-front-fork,steel monocoque(I realize late..) or so on.
VESPA has many unique points.
There are many types of motorcycle in the world,but I never find a unique bike except VESPA.

Honestly,I never ride bike which has over 50cc.
This VESPA was my first biggest bike I’ve ride.
I love this VESPA.Very funny to ride.
But how about other bikes?
Perhaps most other bikes may funny to ride too?

test ride Then,I heard test ride event which is produced by some bike shop is open.
And I cost only 500yen.
「I gotta go!」I think.And I immediately entry this event.
This event,I can ride many brands bike.Almost not Japanese bike.
BMW,KYMCO,VESPA and so on.

kymco I rode about six bike by 3 hours.Different brand and displacement.
Some of them like a Japanese scooter of 250cc.Body size,power and etcetera.
Fortunately I knew these differences of bikes.

「Maybe some bike is more exciting than VESPA??」I thought.
But after this event,this thought is gone.
I love riding of VESPA and this is the most exciting scooter .
So based on this experience,let me review GTS compare with ordinary Japanese 250cc scooter.