Review of VESPA-GTS-250ie .Difference between Japanese Scooter.

Date of publication: 2014/11/03 Last updated: 2016/09/19

Review of VESPA-GTS-250ie .Difference between Japanese Scooter.

GTS250ie 「I wanna get scooter!」
I looked for scooter of 250cc.Then I happen to find VESPA GTS250ie and I love it immediately!

Smallbody,one-front-fork,steel monocoque(I realize late..) or so on.
VESPA has many unique points.
There are many types of motorcycle in the world,but I never find a unique bike except VESPA.

Honestly,I never ride bike which has over 50cc.
This VESPA was my first biggest bike I’ve ride.
I love this VESPA.Very funny to ride.
But how about other bikes?
Perhaps most other bikes may funny to ride too?

test ride Then,I heard test ride event which is produced by some bike shop is open.
And I cost only 500yen.
「I gotta go!」I think.And I immediately entry this event.
This event,I can ride many brands bike.Almost not Japanese bike.
BMW,KYMCO,VESPA and so on.

kymco I rode about six bike by 3 hours.Different brand and displacement.
Some of them like a Japanese scooter of 250cc.Body size,power and etcetera.
Fortunately I knew these differences of bikes.

「Maybe some bike is more exciting than VESPA??」I thought.
But after this event,this thought is gone.
I love riding of VESPA and this is the most exciting scooter .
So based on this experience,let me review GTS compare with ordinary Japanese 250cc scooter.

First impression of GTS


I felt very quick and light.
It is no wonder.Because the weight is about 50kg lighter and the wheelbase is shorter.
Feeling of riding GTS is maybe almost Japanese 150cc scooter but power is more.
Moment of start is quick.very good feeling.



I felt a little bit unstable.
But information of ground was very clear.
I like this feeling.


According to review in Japan,most said GTS is absolutely faster than Japanese one.
But I don’t think so.
One day,when I was waiting front of traffic light,I started my GTS and someone’s Forza Si(Japanese 250cc) started at same timing.
And acceleration was almost same.

Stability of moving

A little bit unstable either.
Especially low speed.

Maintenance cost

Oil changing My GTS was not new,maybe built by 2006 to 2008. I consider this but I should say GTS has more little problems than Japanese one.
So you should prepare for payment of unexpected trouble.

Oil changing timing is often than Japanese one because of smaller tank of GTS.
An ordinary Japanese scooter will change each 3000km,but GTS recommend each 1500~2000km.
And GTS needs Premium-Gas.Japanese does not.

But the tire is 12 inch.This is smaller than Japanese.Only good point I think…

Load capacity

GTS have two spaces.Under the seat and front of the seat.
I think both spaces are smaller than Japanese one.
About under the seat space.You can put in helmet.But except Full-face type and Jet type neither.half helmet only.
And about front of the seat space.You can put in only very small staff.
For example,glasses or pocket tissue or so on.


You can’t put in bottle of almost drinks there.And because GTS doesn’t have ‘naked bar’,you can’t fit a third party option which be able to hold drink bottle.
I think if you ride VESPA, you should know about this point.

Otherwise,GTS has rear-carrier.This is very useful.
You can put large case or baggage on there.


In Japan,I think You may hardly get a GTS parts which is genuine parts or not.
And compare with Japanese scooter,the cost is about 1.5 times higher and time you get parts is longer.
If I wouldn’t like GTS,I can’t endure in this situation.


Breakable,getting parts hardly,requiring highly cost.
But I love quick handling and very unique styling of GTS.
I love it.Good job Piaggio!