Review of Marosshi variator & delta clutch

Date of publication: 2015/01/19 Last updated: 2016/09/19

Review of Marosshi variator & delta clutch

Marosshi variator delta clutch Abnormal noise is at the time of starting. . .
Metal say ‘Gagagaaa’ is a rubbing sound. Because only it is not out at the start, this would be clearly clutch. . .
Bad is much tone immediately after the purchase, he once the clutch bell was changed but had been or recurrence despite getting better a little tune.
And, recently the Topspeed is also bad. . .
Low-medium speed from the tappet adjustment it is good condition, but the top speed had become worse than before.
This may be pulley deterioration.

It decided to renew the drive system in the fact that.
I thought it is boring that put the genuine parts, so I decide to replace to Marosshi kit!

Sport Kit Sport Kit Buy at SIP. Sports kit is recommended if collectively buy! And though I tried compared also Marosshi store, cheap little pattern. This is profitable. (※ However, in Japan, since the case of a sip shipping cost, it becomes more expensive. But this time I ordered at SIP because I wanted to buy few other parts.) In Japan,I can’t buy a single Marosshi parts at SIP.
But some Kits forgive me to buy. Why. .

Comparison with genuine: variator

variator1 variator2 It is difficult opened package with a cutter, to take out the variator.
The right Marosshi the left is normal.(That is obvious)
First of all we try to compare the variator. Larger outline only a little better of Marosshi.
Back also try compared. I soft wall is more of a softening Marosshi as a material likely. . . but good performance reputation, durability is not so much good. Well ask. . . Angle of slope to put the roller also it quite different.

Pulley boss Next is pulley boss. Also larger a little bit here outline. Length was same.

Marosshi weight roller Marosshi kit has 2 packages of weight rollers.
This kit is for that also serves as a GT200.14g and 15g.
For gts250 is 15g.
Although the first time knew this time, considerably heavier than normal of 11g.
In spite of the weight is down,I heard the RPM does not fall. This is good news. . .
Because the rollers is heavy,the topspeed more likely higher.
In this time,I expected I can keep high RPM at low and medium speed and get high topspeed too.

Weight roller comparison Weight roller comparison Just in case we’ve compared also size.
The left was Marosshi and the right was used Pollini. Because those of Pollini does not change with the Piaggio genuine, it seems almost the same as genuine even for Marosshi.

Comparison with genuine: clutch

Comparison with Genuine Clutch comparison In the left is genuine, right Marosshi delta clutch.
Somehow sporty atmosphere. After there is no fan for cooling.
This was unexpected. . .
Fan photos of in the purchase of Delta clutch image he did not, but it had been mistaken and that he just a thing to be ported to remove the genuine.
It had to decompose the actual genuine clutch, but only the fans, even the place that ended decomposition taking not it is discovered.
Whether useless and the fan is not intended Marosshi dedicated!?
Once, I was examined in various ways, thinking, apparently like Marosshi made ​​of fan is not. .
I understand I can’t find this. . .
I guess something to put with no fan. But to the genuine fans are attached, from the fact that had become easier abnormal noise is generated when the clutch is hot until now, I thought fan is needed??
I search more and I found a person who wears a fan! And that’s Piaggio genuine. . . That is Gilera RUNNER genuine and this is ‘Plug and Play’.

fan ※ postscript: I received fan! Was about 1200 yen.
Immediately installation. Feel of the effect is not know well. It has changed the sound.

The adjustment part Delta clutch back to story, Even’m able to adjust the clutch meat rotation speed at the start.
To the adjustment by removing the photo of hexagon bolt.
In terms of photos, high-rotation and bring the black bracket to the top, it seems to meat at low rotation to be lowered to the bottom.
Since the default has been at the bottom, meat in most low-rotation in the delta clutch.
One like hexagonal bolts tightened.

clutch bell Marosshi clutch bell Next up clutch bell. Marosshi to really me this? The difference between normal much I is not know. .
Together magnitude. Also weight was almost together.

Center spring Center spring Last clutch center spring.
Marosshi the direction of white.
Winding is small compared to the normal, it is blurred Yawakko of.
But when I compared press fact, it may not change so much firmness. . Or normal has deteriorated?
I do not care so much because it is after the spring, is the cheesy look of something Marosshi (laughs)


This change point again.
Before: post-normal variator + Polly two roller 10g + Normal clutch + normal spring

After: Marosshi variator + roller 15g + delta clutch + Marosshi spring


First impression Contact, something smooth.
In selfish feeling engine to turn buzzing in delusion, easier than it has been thought that much or high rotation continues for, by the throttle opening, you can can keep at about 6000rpm, I thought the adjustment.
Moreover, even when fully opened, the rotational speed goes up, but does not feel that fully blow ^^ actually normal variator + roller 10g set of, although the engine speed acceleration feeling of low and medium speed up up, the engine waste There is blow to that impression was also that I think that it is not a very good feeling.
Moreover, since the center spring was still stiff of normal, I feel strongly effectiveness of the engine brake, so-called peaky.
The Marosshi set Compared to it, turning the place to turn, engine braking is mild, it became controller Bull.


Roughly clutch meat in about 4000rpm~5000rpm. I wonder if too little above?
For clutch meat at high rotation, as expected departure became a little faster.
Well If you say that one became difficult to the stop-and-go driving of Toka congestion, it is not even up there.
Just because the half-clutch state became clear long, it would be worried not reduce clutch immediately.

Low to medium speed (0km~80km)

Delta clutch effect 0km → 40km obviously fast. Since 40km~80km was a normal bus to feeling good ^^ now me comes with a number of rotation of the accelerator variator + Polly two roller 10g (normal ratio minus 1g),
there is a feeling that the engine is blow a little waste It was.
I feel that it is gone.
In addition, since the center is also spring was slightly soft rather, also a natural feeling engine brake.

Top speed

Good! Before was much meter reading 120km Previously, After was that will stretch to slip up to 130km.
The heavy rollers may work good.

Speed ​​rotation speed

Slightly raised I think.
6000rpm in genuine 11g, because it was 7500rpm at Pollini 10g, digital meter polarimetric reading of one line increases impression than this.
Perhaps it suspects whether about 8000 ~ 8500rpm.
To have increased the weight of the roller, the rotation speed goes up I wonder such because of the grooves of the variator?


Many rumors said more faster,but it looks like not change.


Feel good than expected! ^^
It was good to put more early. . .
Although the shift rotation speed was up slightly, since the engine speed is me care about throttle, also running while holding to about 6000 rpm easy when you want suppressed.
When it was the genuine driving system,and in also variator + clutch center spring exchange without having to put the delta clutch, should a sufficient difference can be experience.
Since the rest is said to have short life , It is perfect as long as clear here !

And then ,,,

300km run after

Drive-train Drive-train In order to examine the durability, after it ran mounted after 300km, I tried to check.
The experience that is actually running, it is not changed and the mounting initially, what about contents. . .
It is still beautiful face that strikes the belt.


Variator Variator Variator Kas.
As a first impression, it does not have surprisingly dirty. . Feeling.
This and the Hmm just 300km. . . Only by the appearance more of previous normal variator + Pollini roller was definitely clean.
Actually, it has opened once even when traveling 100km, at that time also variator Kas is already cleaned of I, but still ended up also accumulated.
Little that was worrisome, what that certain things Rashiki rust and faint after. . .

Weight roller

Weight roller lack Weight roller I say that what has already partially over. . . .
This we have received a light shock.
In a state where characters that are engraved on the side of the roller also has disappeared part. May also convinced life is said to be short. .
Variator side Kas also, I wonder this soft roller that cause. .

Replace the RMS of the weight roller

RMS weight roller RMS weight roller Since had gotten the information that somehow roller immediately put, we were prepared the weight roller in advance same gram. about 1000 yen by sip. Texture compared to Marosshi, settle it a hard look!

Bali is amazing. . Hmm durability is What looks good, but how all the roller also burrs are badly, mounted after deleting a cutter.
I want to and also reviews After running about future 1000km.