Vespa GTS250ie

gts250ie vespagts250ie

Spec manufacturers disclosure

Engine type Piaggio Quasar engine
SOHC・4-stroke 4-valve liquid-cooled single-cylinder
Engine capacity244cc
Max power at crankshaft15.7Kw(21hp)/8,500rpm
MAX Torque20Nm/6,500rpm
Top speed122 km/h
Front tire120/70 12 inches
Rear tire130/70 12 inches
Length1,930 mm
Width755 mm
Wheelbase1,395 mm
Seat height790 mm
Dry weight148 kg


In Japan,there seems to be various opinions. Mostly use premium unleaded.I chose too. But once I putted regular.That was no problem. When I full up,automatic stopper often useless. So near full tank,I am very careful.

In-use stocks

Engine oil

・Wakozu Prestige S (10W-40)

・Evo Rex stage 3 (10W-30)


・NGK PMR8A (this was attached at the time of purchase)

・DENSO iridium plug IU24

Failure and maintenance history

· (After purchase) mileage 0km:
 Buy at the March 2014 end of distance meter about 15,000km.
It is a year unknown, it is believed to be a 2006-8 model year because the meter is fine letters digital

Mileage 15,005km:March 2014
When I was running, plastic parts of the root left mirror is out.
 →Repair by processing the existing bracket.The costs is 0 yen.

・Mileage 15,100km: April 2014
 The front mudguard had crack.
 →because it was not noticeable in the base part, the treatment with adhesive. I left because after all then cracking returns. Repair costs 300 yen.

・Mileage 15,600km:May 2014 early
 I heard noise in the pulley case.It left since there is no problem in running.

・Mileage 16,200km: early June 2014
 Exhaust leakage from muffler.
 →Tighten because the band of a screw that had stopped the base was loose. Cost of repairs 0.

・Mileage 18,000km: July 2014 early
 Oil, Element exchange. About 6,600 yen.

・Mileage 18,200km:July 2014
 Suddenly the engine stopped. After the purchase, the first trouble.

・Mileage 18,600km:August 2014
 Big sound from the pulley case, V belt, weight roller exchange. These parts fee 10,000 yen.

・Mileage 18,800km:September 2014
 Engine often stall when idling,so plug replacement at this time.Resolution.

・Mileage 19,000km:October 2014
 The plastic parts of the right mirror base is out.
 → Left with the same repair by processing the existing bracket. Repair costs 0 yen.

・Mileage 19,400km: 2014 mid-October
 Drive system replacement at the time and whether the field after injuring his clutch bell, vibration and abnormal noise is generated at the time of starting.
Clutch cover purchase and exchange.
・Mileage 19,400km: 2014 mid-October
 Spare key broken. Blue one.
 Repair at bike shop.Spending of ¥ 12,000.

・mileage 20,000km:2014 mid-October
Oil exchange ‘Wakozu Prestige S’

・Mileage 21,700km: 2014 mid-December
 Front suspension Bitubo installation.

・Mileage 22,000km: 2014 late December
Oil, Element exchange. Tappet adjustment. Coolant refresh. Drive system maintenance.

・Mileage 22,100km: January 2015
 Buy RAM mount.

・Mileage 22,300km: 2015 mid-January
 Once again abnormal noise from the clutch. Solved by Marosshi drive system set and replacement.

・Mileage 23,300km: April 2015
 Oil exchange. Wakozu it return to the Prestige S.

・Mileage 23,400km:April 2015
 By poor maintenance and parts deterioration, the engine immobility…

・Mileage 23,800km: 2015 late April
 Marosshi TC controller installed.

・Mileage 24,000km: May 2015 early
 Often stall my engine when idling . . . About per 100km. Well ,,, plug problems??